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Spring Cleaning

Ready to clean your home and prepare it properly for the spring? You are in the right place, as Daoust-Forget has all the right tools that you need in order to take your spring cleaning to the next level.

Why choose our Spring Cleaning Service?:

It’s that time of year again. So much to clean, so little time!

The effects of yet another long winter season has had a major effect on doors, walls, windows and floors. Let the experts at Daoust/Forget professionally clean your home and sit back in comfort this year.

We will start by cleaning the ceilings, windows and walls then we will clean the floor of each room. We use only safe cleaning solutions, organic and natural ones which means that you don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals.

Daoust-Forget has a very simple approach to spring cleaning, through which you choose what rooms you need cleaned and we will use all our professional tools to help you. We have the best high quality equipment and trained professionals on the market and you can count on us to deliver an excellent experience, guaranteed!

Also, the spring cleaning process that we deliver is very fast, depending on how many rooms you need to clean it can take one or more days. It’s all about quality and attention to detail here, but you can count on us to offer you an incredible result and a great user experience. So, get in touch Daoust-Forget immediately and harness the power offered by the ultimate spring cleaning service!

DAOUST/FORGET offers a wide variety of cleaning services for your home. Let the experts in specialized cleaning help you with your cleaning needs. And with more than 20 years of experience, DAOUST/FORGET is one of the leaders in the specialized cleaning industry in Montreal, Laval, north shore and south shore.

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