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Tiles & Grout Cleaning

It can be a lot of work to clean soiled tiles and grout. But all it takes is one call to the professionals at Daoust/Forget and it’s a breeze!

Why choose our Tiles & Grout Cleaning Service?

Tiles are much more than just simple flooring or wall decoration – they can really be the centerpiece of your kitchen or bathroom.

Cleaning grout is an important part of keeping your tiles looking impressive. You might notice that white and grey grouting can stain easily, and may make a room look dirty even if it’s clean. Tiles, large or small, also need a little attention every now and then, so a good tile cleaning should be an essential item in your cleaning agenda.

The floors, walls, showers, bathrooms and kitchens within our home can get dirty and moldy very fast. This can also result in a variety of health hazards. Daoust-Forget will help you with all of that by offering the ultimate tiles and grout cleaning services.

In order to offer this service, we will first study the state of your tiles and grout in order to see how much cleaning they need and once that is done you will obtain a free quote.

We use the latest tile cleaning tools on the market and even if your tiles are prone to scratching, you don’t have to worry about any issues. We work very hard in order to offer you a very good user experience so you can rest assured that we will always use the latest tools to maintain your tiles and grout clean!

With our help you will be able to ensure that your floor tiles are as colorful as ever, so all you need to do is to contact us immediately and we will be very happy to help you with your tile cleaning!

DAOUST/FORGET offers a wide variety of cleaning services for your home. Let the experts in specialized cleaning help you with your cleaning needs. And with more than 20 years of experience, DAOUST/FORGET is one of the leaders in the specialized cleaning industry in Montreal, Laval, north shore and south shore.

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